ProStress by Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge is a visual artist from Rotterdam, and one of the pioneers of internet animation. He studied painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam between 1983 and 1988, and started to make comics and illustrations after his studies. While studying he also played in a punk band and made collages for a punk magazine. Already in 1998 he started to experiment with short GIF animations on his 'Modern Living/Neurotica' website, in which the artist explored his obsessions, neuroses and emotions. He further developed the concept with more complex animations in his project 'Nails' between 2002 and 2007.

ProStress by Han Hoogerbrugge

He started his web comic 'Pro Stress' with Paul A. Hall in 2006, and continued it in 2008 with 'Pro Stress 2.0', in which he used a more traditional comic style. The dry and surrealistic comic has been collected in book format by Bis publishers. Hoogerbrugge has done animation assignments for clients like De Volkskrant, Vrij Nederland, Bright and companies. He is also a director of video clips and has made a series of watercolor paintings under the title 'La Grande Fête'.

In 2005 he won a Clickburg Webcomic Award, or 'Clickie', in the category 'Epic Clickie', for his webcomic series 'Hotel'. 

Art by Han Hoogerbrugge

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