Jet Fury, by Larry Horak (1950)
Jet Fury (1950)

Yaroslav Horak was born in Harbin, Manchuria, as the son of a Czech father and Russian mother. He and his family migrated to Sydney, Australia prior to World War II. "Larry" Horak began his career as a portrait painter but soon switched to illustration for the larger Australian magazine publishers. His successful comic series 'The Mask' was soon followed by his daily adventure strip 'Mike Steel'. In 1965, he took over the 'James Bond' newspaper strip from John McLusky.

Captain Fortune, by Larry HorakCaptain Fortune, by Larry Horak (Sun Herald, 26-6-1960)
'Captain Fortune' (Sun Herald, 26 June 1960).

Horak's adaptation of 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (published between January 1966 and September 1966) was highly praised. Writer Jim Lawrence was given permission by the Fleming Trust to write original stories for Horak to draw. Yaroslav Horak and Jim Lawrence worked on thirty-three Bond tales for the Daily Express and other various syndicates in Europe. Horak's other newspaper strips include 'Captain Fortune' (1957-1962), 'Sergeant Pat of the Radio Patrol' and 'Andrea'.

The Mask, by Yaroslav Horak
The Mask

James Bond, by Yaroslav Horak
James Bond, by Yaroslav Horak

James Bond art of Yaroslav Horak
The newspaper strips of James Bond

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