Japhet and Happy, by J.F. Horrabin

James Francis (Frank) Horrabin was a prolific and culturally diverse illustrator. He began as a newspaper strip cartoonist in Sheffield. Later he went to London to work as art director on the Daily News. In 1919, he began his daily 'The Adventures of the Noah Family' panel in the Daily News. The panel eventually became a family strip, which has been collected several books, most notably the Japhet & Happy Annuals and Summer Books between 1932 and 1952. 'The Noah Family' moved to the News Chronicle in 1930, and was continued into the 1940s.

Japhet & Happy, by J.F. Horrabin

In 1922, Horrabin created the 'Dot and Carrie' strip for the Star. 'Dot and Carrie' was to have been an experiment for three months, but it outlived the Star and was taken over by the Evening Post until 1962. Frank Horrabin had a light drawing style with many new ways of telling tales visually. His work is also marked by fine consistent colouring and well phrased sentiments.

Dot and Carrie, by Frank Horrabin

Besides his work in comics, he was also active in politics. He was an active socialist for the Labour Party and other left-wing groups, and was Labour M.P. for his birthtown Petersborough from 1929 to 1931. He was a regular guest on early political discussion broadcasts by the BBC in the 1930s and a pioneer in political cartography.

Dot and Carrie (1922)
Dot and Carrie (1961)

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