comic art by Markus Huber

Markus Huber makes comics that depict a still world, in which the most important part of the story is told by the details, angles and movement of the characters. His comics are always defined by their context - mostly based in the city of Hamburg, where he lives and works as an illustrator - and comments on political and social situations.

His comics used to appear in magazines and anthologies only, such as Strapazin and Panel. But he has released some solo projects, like the book 'Nichts von Bedeutung, Bildergeschichten nach Texten der Hamburger Band 'Waldorf und Statler' (1998) which is a collection of very personal drawn video clips.

comic panel by Markus Huber

Another book by Huber, 'Un Voyage à Staurnia', was published by Amok (Paris) in 2000. It is a strangely interwoven story of love, incomplete communication and fear lingering below the surface. A German version of the story can be found in Strapazin 58, the Swiss magazine in which Markus Huber focuses his publishing activities.

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