Peggy Lux, by Virginia Huget
'Peggy Lux'. 

Virginia Clark, whose married name was Virginia Hudzietz which she changed for the more French sounding Huget, was one of the female American comic artists of the beginning of the twentieth century. During the 1920s, she was especially known for her flapper comics, comics about stylish and witty young women. She was born in Dallas, and studied at the Art Institute in Chicago. She got married in 1900, and sold her first strip, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' only as late as 1926.

A year later, Clark produced a color comic titled 'Babs in Society', followed by 'Flora's Fling' (1928), 'Campus Capers' (1928), 'Miss Aladdin' (1929) and 'Molly the Manicure Girl' (1929). She also drew a strip advertising Lux soap, which won her a prize. During the 1930s, as fashions changed, so did Huget's style. She took over the popular strip 'Skippy' from Percy Crosby (under his name), and in 1944 she carried on the strip 'Oh Diana!', originally by Don Flowers, under her maiden name Virginia Clark.

Together with Dot Cochran, Ethel Hays, Fay King, Virginia Krausmann, Gladys Parker and Dorothy Urfer, Virginia Huget counts as a pioneer of female cartooning, gracing newspaper pages of the 1920s and 1930s with sophisticated and witty society girls.

Capers, by Virginia Huget

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