Dan Dare, by Rian Hughes

Rian Hughes is a British comic artist and typographer, best known for his work on 2000 AD. He studied at the London College of Printing before working for an advertising agency, i-D magazine, and a series of record sleeve design companies. At the same time, he released his own small press mini comics, such as Zit (1983-84). Between 1983 and 1989, he was a regular contributor to escape Magazine, for which he drew, among others, 'Norm' and 'The Inheritors'. In 1987, he published his first graphic novel, 'The Science Service', with the Belgian publisher Magic Strip.

Under the name Device he now provides design and illustration for advertising campaigns, record sleeves, book jackets, graphic novels and television. Since setting up his studio, Device, he has worked extensively for the British and American comic industries as both designer, typographer, and illustrator. He styled the Knockabout Books line of collected <a href="/comics/underground.htm">underground comix</a> (1985-92), and modernized Fleetway's 2000 AD weekly.

Also for Fleetway, he co-launched the adult comics Crisis and Revolver and the graphic novels line. In 2000 AD, he also illustrated stories with 'Robo-Hunter', 'Tales from Beyond Science', 'Really and Truly' and 'Dan Dare', among others. He has done designs for Titan Books, Fantagraphics and DC's Vertigo imprint. Hughes has also done cover illustrations for DC's 'Tangent' and 'Elseworlds'.

Hughes was one of several cartoonists to make a contribution to 'Spitting Image. The Giant Komic Book' (Pyramid Book Ltd & Octopus Publishing Group, 1988), a comic book based on the satirical puppet TV show 'Spitting Image' by Peter Fluck and Roger Law.

Dan Dare, by Rian Hughes


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