Uncle Choi, by Hui Guan-man 1958

Hui Guan-man started his comics career in the early 1950s, when he first submitted his work to Hong Kong newspapers. He created the popular 'Uncle Choi' ('Choi Suk'), 'Joke's Comics', 'Grandpa and Granddaughter', 'Young Couple', 'Miss Silly' and 'Handsome Duck'. Hui Guan-man retired from the comics field in the 1980s.

Especially Hui's 'Uncle Choi' has been very significant for the development of Hong Kong manga. It broke with traditional forms of sequential stories (lianhuantu) because of its use of realism and modern fashion. It kept up with current popular hypes (when James Bond movies came out, Uncle Choi became a spy) and continued well into the 1970s.

Uncle Choi, by Hui Guan-man 1958

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