Campecho, by Pepe Huinca

Jorge Vivanco Ortiz, who is best known under the pseudonym Pepe Huinca, was born in Angol. He is the younger brother of Alberto Vivanco, known in the early 1960's for his comics character 'Lolita'. A self-taught artist, Jorge Vivanco entered the comics field in 1963. He is best remembered as the creator of the popular character 'Artemio', whose adventures appeared in El Mercurio and in books for many years.

Artemio, by Pepe Huinca

In addition to his work for El Mercurio, Vivanco worked for Editorial Zig Zag, where he made the short-lived strip 'Florián González' in Rakatán and in Can Can. The strip was censured in 1966, since the Catholic Church had strong participation in the publishing house. Vivanco then moved over to the competiting magazine El Pingüino, and cooperated with his brother in the magazine Ritmo. Together with Alberto Vivanco, Hervi and Palomo he eventually began the satirical magazine La Chiva. In the magazine, Jorge made the strip 'Don Paello', about a Spanish retailer, as well as 'Guasteco', 'De la Vega a Vitacura' and strips with 'Artemio'.

cover by Pepe Huincacover by Pepe Huinca

In the early 1970's, Pepe Huinca worked for Editorial Quimantú's magazines La Firme and Ahora. In addition, he made 'La Familia Crac' in El Manque and 'Campecho' in El Hijo de la Montaña. Pepe Huinca decided to emigrate, in search of better economic opportunities, around 1977. He went to Caracas, Venezuela, where he stayed for 17 years. He returned to Chile in 1993, and began a new collaboration with El Mercurio. For the magazine Ya, he made 'Don Artemio', which was about his famous character 30 years later. Jorge Vivanco died in a car accident in April, 2004.

Florian Gonzalez, by Pepe Huinca

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