The Jellymen by Ken Hunter
The Jellymen (Beezer, 1960)

Ken Hunter was a prolific artist for the comics published by D.C. Thomson during a long career spanning from the 1950's throughout the 1980's. His first known work was 'Wee Davie and the Great Big Giant' for The Beano in 1952. He moved on to do very distinctive and stylish work for The Topper, starting with 'The Terrible Tasks of Big Fat Boko' in 1953.

Kingdom of Zero by Ken Hunter
The Kingdom of Zero

This was followed by 'Jeff and Bill Star in the kingdom of Zero' (1957-61), 'Big Chief Running Chump' (1957-69), 'Billy Benn's Den' (1964-66), 'Sir Laughalot' (1970), 'Jingo the Jester' (1970), 'Big X - the Bluffer from Planet E' (1971), 'Pickles Thickles' (1971), 'Danny's Tranny' (1972-86), 'The Wonderful World of Sidney' 1976), 'The Mini-martins' (1979) and 'Stan and Oily, the Runaway Robots' (1986-88).

Mr Flippy

Hunter was also present in The Dandy with 'Buster's Battling Beetle' and 'My Pal Baggy Pants', both in 1956. For Beezer, he produced science fiction stories like 'Mick on the Moon' (1956-57), 'The Survivors' (1959) and 'Dr. Q and the Jellymen' (1960-65). His other features for Beezer include 'Mr. Flippy' (1967-69), 'Barney's Barmy Army' (1971-74) and 'Mr. Licko and His Lollipops' (1978-81). He did his final contribution to the Topper Book 1990, before retiring while in his seventies.

Sir Laughalot by Ken Hunter
Sir Laughalot

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