comic panel by CX Huth

Christian Huth, who also uses the name CX Huth (after his favorite car), was born in former East Germany. When he was still young, he wanted to be a painter, so he started working for a construction company - this was as close as he could get to his artistic goal in the former DDR. He moved to Berlin, where he took actual painting classes and got involved in the punk scene. After the Wall came down in 1989, CX Huth and his friends started a punk and hardcore comic magazine named Renate. Then the fun started.

Rebelling against standard comics with ducks and big-nosed characters, CX Huth created a world of his own: rudely drawn figures in undefined space dragging around word balloons with puzzling texts. His first book, 'Käthe und Kruse' (1994), showed some consistency, adhering to a four-panel grid in which the characters exchanged their wacky lines. His stories about Hasenhäschen, a little hare, had no fixed panels and looked like they've been drawn by a child - a chaos of image and text, yet endearingly simple and moving.

comic by CX Huth

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