Alfil Beltza, by José Ibarrola
Alfil Beltza

The son of prestigious artist Agustín Ibarrola, José Ibarrola is also a painter, illustrator, sculptor and set designer. In addition he was an occasional comic artist. In 1979 he was present at Euskadi Sioux. Then he was a contributor to Habeko Mik. Written in Basque, this magazine was launched in 1982 and it ran for nearly a decade. In 1987 its publisher compiled 'Alfil Beltza', a work by Ibarrola previously serialized in the magazine.

Ejecutivas, by Jose Ibarrola
Ejecutivas (Cimoc Especial #10, 1990)

In 1985 Glenat published his work 'Orphee' ('Orfeo, Compañía Monteverdi') in France and the newspaper supplement El País Semanal serialized 'La Piedra Dormida' in Spain. Both works got a Spanish edition in book format by Ttarttalo in the next two years. Another one entitled 'Cuando Canta la Serpiente' was published by Ikusager in 1989. It was written by Ion Juaristi and Mario Onaindia.

In 1986 daily El Correo started to publish a strip by Ibarrola called 'Tiempo de Papel'. After that came 'Moby Dick' which featured a thoughtful fish in its fish bowl. In the early 1990s he published three short stories in two special issues of Cimoc and in magazine Pamiela.

Moby Dick, by Jose Ibarrola
Moby-Dick (El Correo, 16-9-1990)

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