comic art by Riyoko Ikeda

During her study of philosophy, the manga artist Riyoko Ikeda began publishing her comics in the magazine Kashihonya. In 1967, she made her debut with 'Bara-Yashiki no Shoujo' ('The Girl of the Rose'). In 1972, she started drawing 'Versailles no Bara' ('The Rose of Versailles'), a manga story set in a historical environment. In addition to setting a trend in historical manga, it also was dramatized in 1974 by Japan's highly-regarded theatrical group, Takarazuka.

Jotei Ecatherina, by Riyoko Ikeda

Betweeen 1975 and 1981 she made the serial 'Orpheus no Mado' ('Window of Orpheus'). Her work includes titles such as: 'Berusaiyu no Bara', 'Eroica', 'Jotei Ecatherina' ('Empress Chaterina') and 'Oniisama e...' ('Brother, Dear Brother'). She left the manga field in the mid-1980s, although she has been writing scripts for other artists since 1999. Ikeda was part of the so-called 24-nengumi group of female mangakas, who have been referred to as the "Mothers of Manga".

Oniisama e..., by Riyoko Ikeda

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