Superman: Secret Identity by Stuart Immonen
Superman: Secret Identity

Canadian comic book artist Stuart Immonen studied at Toronto's York University, after which he pursued a career in arts. His first comic work was the self-published 'Playground' series, which started in 1988. He then did some work for Ripoff Press, Innovation and Revolutionary Comics, before he began collaborations with the larger companies Marvel and most notably DC in 1993.

Inferno by Stuart Immonen

Throughout the 1990s, he has worked on several 'Superman' related titles, including 'Action Comics', 'Adventures of Superman' and the crossover mini-series 'The Final Night' with writer Karl Kessel. He also had regular stints on the 'Legion of Super-Heroes' with writers Mark Waid and Tom McGraw between 1993 and 1997, and additionally wrote and drew the spin-off miniseries 'Inferno' in 1997. Immonen also painted and pencilled the first original 'Superman' hardcover graphic novel, 'Superman: End of the Century' in 2000. This was followed by another mini-series called 'Superman: Secret Identity' in 2004.

Fear Itself by Stuart Immonen
Fear Itself

After 2000, Immonen has been working mainly for Marvel Comics with writers like Warren Ellis, Brian K. Vaughan, Bruce Jones and Brian Michael Bendis on series like 'Thor', 'Fantastic Four', 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.', 'The New Avengers', 'Ultimate X-Men', 'Ultimate Spider-Man', 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' and eventually 'All New X-Men' from 2012. He also laid the basis for Marvel's crossover series 'Fear Itself' by illustrating the mini-series 'Fear Itself' in 2011.

Immonen was co-founder of the short-lived Gorilla Comics, where he worked on the series 'ShockRockets' with Kurt Busiek in 2000. In 2004 he worked for the French publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés with the comic 'Sebastian X' in cooperation with Michaelangelo La Neve. He also remained active as a self-publisher with '50 Reasons to Stop Sketching at Conventions' in 2005 and maintained the web-comics 'Never As Bad As You Think' and 'Moving Pictures' with his wife Kathryn.

All New X-Men by Stuart Immonen
'All New X-Men' #3, 2012.

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