The White People by Ibrahim Ineke

Ibrahim R. Ineke is a Dutch artist and curator based in The Hague. He co-founded the Baracca gallery with Uvo van der Vat in 2005. In his free work, he experiments in the grey area between comics and fine art, using a copier, and drawing inspiration from 19th century horror stories. His work has been described as a "visual version of noise and drone music". His comic 'Half Blood' can be seen on his weblog, and he made his professional debut as a comic book artist with 'The White People', published by Sherpa in 2015. It is a story based on a short story by Welsh gothic writer Arthur Machen.

In 2020 Ibrahim Ineke was one of five artists who made a collective comic adaptation of the dark story 'De man die geen saxofoon mocht spelen' (Personalia, 2020) by novelist Lilian Blom. The other contributors were Aimée de Jongh, Marloes de Vries, Juliette de Wit and the veteran illustrator Thé Tjong-Khing, who also initiated the project.

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