Fix und Foxi, by Kurt Italiaander

After his training as a graphic artist, Kurt Italiaander got associated with Walter Neugebauer and joined the Kauka comics production in 1968. He illustrated stories with 'Fix und Foxi' for the several publications, but also 'Sonny Sam' in the Tom und Biber comic book. He drew for Fix und Foxi until 1973, when he and Neugebauer left Kauka to found an animation studios. The studios produced several advertising films, among others for the Mickey Maus magazine. Italiaander also continued to do comics, such as 'Sport-Billy' at Ehapa Verlag. Together with Neugebauer and Gisela Künstner (his future wife), he developed the advertising characters 'Hubba Bubba' and 'Axel Frischmilch', that appeared in the comics supplements of several publications.

Sonny Sam, by Kurt Italiaander

Italiaander cooperated with Rolf Kauka on the relaunch of 'Fix und Foxi' in 1983. He developed new modern styleguide, that was also used for a 'Fix und Foxi' television series. Italiaander became the main artist of the new 'Fix und Foxi' franchise. Together with his wife Gisela Italiaander, he launched comic series like 'Tommy and Friends', 'Puck' and 'Handymann'. He became an illustrator for the packings of Haribo candy.

Fix und Foxi, by Kurt ItaliaanderFix und Foxi, by Kurt Italiaander

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