Makinavaja, el Ultimo Chorizo (El Jueves #1420, 2004) by Iva (Ramón Tosas Fuentes)
Makinavaja, el último chorizo (El Jueves #1420, 2004).

Ramón Tosas Fuentes, who uses the artist name Ivá, was born in Manresa, Spain in 1941. He started his career in comics together with Oscar, publishing in magazines like Patufet, Vida, Diario de Barcelona and Matarratos. The couple Oscar-Ivá, who many believed to be one person, pushed their comics to the limit of what was tolerated under the Franco censorship. They developed their own language, a mix of Catalan and Castilian. In 1972 they founded a new magazine, Barrabás, which was soon followed by El Papus and El Jueves.

comic art by Ivá (Ramón Tosas Fuentes)

While Oscar stayed with this magazine, Ivá tried his fortune at his own El Hincha Enmascarado. After it folded, he returned to El Papus, just before an extreme-right terrorist bomb attack hit the headquarters and marked the end of this magazine, too. Ivá went to Venezuela for a while, returning in 1986 to join the crew of El Jueves. There he created 'Makinavaja, el último chorizo' and 'La Puta Mili'. These characters became so popular that they soon appeared in several publications and eventually were made into film. Ivá's last creations were 'El Diablo Mefisto y el ángel Pajarito', which appeared in El Periódico de Catalunya and in La Vanguardia. In July 1993, Ramon Tosas - Ivá, died in a traffic accident in La Rioja, in northern Spain.

El Puta Mili, by Ivá (Ramón Tosas Fuentes)Makinavaja, by Ivá (Ramón Tosas Fuentes)

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