Gerald Jablonski is one of the most remarkable and mysterious underground cartoonists of his time. He made his first appearance in 1976 in the sixth issue of Art Spiegelman's & Bill Griffith's influential anthology 'Arcade'. Next came publications in anthologies like 'Snarf' and 'Tantalizing Stories', before Fantagraphics published a compilation of his work called 'Empty Skull Comics' in 1996.

In 2001, he got a Xeric Grant for the creation of the first issue of his absurd 'Cryptic Wit' series. New issues followed in 2008 and 2012. His irregelar appearing 'Cryptic Wit' comics can only be ordered directly by postage payment to the New York-based author. His comics are characterized by their endless variations on the same basic structural set-ups, each page bearing about 27 panels, and sometimes over 50 words of dialogue per panel. Recurring features are a barnyard fable starring 'Farmer Ned', a father-son conflict starring 'Howdy' and a fantasy confrontation between two boys in the silent comedic interludes.

Farmer Ned

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