The Sunday Fairy, by Helen Jacobs 1919
Illustration for The Sunday Fairy. 

Helen Jacobs was an early 20th century illustrator, who was especially known for her illustrations of children's fairy tales. Daughter of the famous humorist W. W. Jacobs, she studied art at West Ham Municipal College. She contributed to comic magazine The Sunday Fairy, which started in 1919. This magazine was the first religious comic in Britain, and soon changed its name to The Children's Fairy, and later to Bubbles. Another book Helen Jacobs illustrated was 'Native Fairy Tales of South Africa', by Ethel L. McPherson. She was the principal illustrator of the children's books by Stella Mead. She moved to Winchmore Hill in London and taught at a school in Stoke Newington, where she also produced several schoolbooks. She was published in Playbox, Raindow and Little Folks annuals, and also in the fourteen year series of Joy Street Annuals.

The Sunday Fairy, by Helen Jacobs 1919
'The Sunday Fairy'. 

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