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Heidi Jäger

Heidi Lehmann, Heidi Sott

(b. 1943, Germany)  Germany

Heidi  Jäger

Mosaik, by Heidi Jager

Heidi Jäger, born Heide Lehmann, joined Hannes Hegen's Mosaik team in 1958. She started out as a colorist for the popular magazine from the DDR, while completing her artistic education. In 1961, she began a two year apprenticeship as a retoucher, but she returned to Hegen afterwards. In 1974, she also turned to drawing. Heidi Sott, which was her name during her first marriage, commenced working on the 'Digedags' stories during the "Orient" storyline. She remained active as an artist when the 'Abrafaxe' were launched. During the period 1976-1990, about 20% of the characters were drawn by her. After the death of Gisela Zimmermann, she also took on the crowded mass-scenes. She worked for Mosaik until 1990, and then she joind Hahn-Film, where she worked on series like 'Benjamin Blümchen'. She retired in 2005.

Mosaik, by Heidi Jager


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