Alix by Marc Jailloux

French comic book artist Marc Jailloux was born near Bordeaux. After obtaining his baccalaureate in Plastic Arts, he attended the École du Louvre in Paris in 1991, and subsequently specialized in storyboards and lay-out at the CFT Gobelins. He began his career in 1994. Initially active in the field of animation, he found employment with an important producer of video games. Among his projects was the video game based on the 'XIII' comic series.

He won the first prize at the BD AWARDS contest for a short story published in Spirou. He self-published his comic 'Gousdaïl le Vampire' in 1998, and released the fantasy comic 'Le Château de Monsieur Sangsuc' with Pointe Noire in 2002. He made the sole book in the series 'Necrolympia' with Stéphane Beauverger for Panini in 2005. He had his breakthrough after meeting Jacques Martin in 2005. He got the opportunity to work in the atelier of Martin's former assistant Gilles Chaillet, with whom Jailloux worked on book 4 of 'La Dernière Prophétie' and the diptych 'Vinci'.

Jailloux later presented a new plot for Jacques Martin's series 'Orion', that is set in ancient Greece. This fourth installment was published by Casterman in 2011. Together with writers like Géraldine Ranouil and Mathieu Bréda, he has been working on plot and artwork of new stories in the classic Jacques Martin series 'Alix' from 2013.

Sangsuc, by Marc Jailloux

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