Osnira, by Jal

Jean-Louis Aguila is a French comic book artist, who works under the pen name Jal. Born in Marseille, he published his first work in the short-lived magazine Canal 7 in 1982. He subsequently created fanzines like Zip-Zap (eight issues between 1984 and 1989) and Batavia (nine issues between 1990 and 1992). For these publications, he developed his earliest comic characters were 'Roger', 'Bonanza', 'Javel-Man', 'Les Cops', 'Wilbur' and 'Soirs Pisseux'. During this period, he additionally made illustrations and drawings for posters, etc. He settled in Nice in 1985.

Aguila created the character 'Boby' for Coktail News, a free and short-lived paper from Lile, in 1993-1994. The character's further adventures were published in La Gazette des Jardins since 1995. Besides some commercial comic projects for clients like Kodak France, he also participated in the collective comics booklet 'Premières danses' for Chemin faisant in 1999.

Sam et Jeannot by Jal
Les aventures de Sam et Jeannot

Between 2005 and 2007, he made the heroic fantasy series 'Osnira' with Hervé Poudat, that was published in three books by Clair de Lune. He also made the soccer comic books 'Arbitre de Foot' (2009) and 'Ronaldino' (2011) for Clair de Lune. Jal worked with Ned on the humour series 'Tante Soizig' (2006 and 2009) and 'Les aventures de Sam et Jeannot' in 2011, both published by Chamin faisant.

Clair de Lune releases the first volume of 'Les Aventures du Professeur Baltimore', a series strongly inspired by 'Blake & Mortimer' by E.P. Jacobs, in March 2015.

Les Aventures du Professeur Baltimore by Jal

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