Ancillotto, by Enzo Jannuzzi

Born in Spezzano Albenese, Vincenzo, or "Enzo", Jannuzzi made his first comic ('David e re Saul') for Tiramolla in 1968. He then created the character of 'Ancillotto', whose adventures appeared in magazines like Super Vip, Horror, Sorry and Offside. In 1976, he illustrated the series 'Pike and Pike', about two gay policemen in the Contro review. He also made several stories for underground publications, including 'Il Diario d'Immacolata'. In 1978-79, he was present in Il Mago with episodes of 'Ivan-Dali'.

Ancilotto, by Vincenzo Jannuzzi

In the early 1980s, he created comics like 'Madre Coraggio' (with Von Grimmelhausen) and 'Albertine', as well as unpublished works like 'Scabrina', 'Corri Corri Coralina' and 'Rosita Morbilla'. In 1984, he cooperated with Enrico Castruccio on stories like 'Accadue├▓ [H2O], parabola energetica' and 'Ringorossi', published in 1984 magazine. That same year, he produced 'Se la Fortuna ti Tocca' for Eureka magazine, edited by Alfredo Castelli and Silver.

cover by Enzo Jannuzzi

During the 1980s, Jannuzzi was also active in the erotic genre, and did lay-outs for advertising agencies, as well as illustrations for Mondadori. In the late 1980s, he illustrated an educational project for the Iraki government, and also worked for the Arab market for a while. For the Dutch "Sombrero Black Series", he made 'Remengograd' in cooperation with the Milanese poet Bruno Mandeli in 1992.

Pike & Pike, by Jannuzzi

Incubo Mortale, by Jannuzzi

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