Indes, by Jano

Jean Leguay, working under the pseudonym Jano, studied fine arts in Paris for three years. He teamed up with Bertrand Tramber to create his first comic, 'Kebra', for the magazine B.D. in 1978. When the magazine folded, the 'Kebra' series was continued other magazines like Métal Hurlant, Charlie Mensuel, Rigolo, L'Echo des Savanes and Zoulou. After three albums in cooperation with Tramber, published by Les Humanoïdes Associés, Tramber continued the series on his own.

Mechant Duo, by Jano

In 1984, after a first trip through Africa - which resulted in the beautiful book, 'Carnet d' Arfrique' in 1986 - Jano started a new comic for the magazine Métal Aventure with the character 'Keubla'. The adventures of 'Keubla' take place in Africa, and the two stories, 'Sure la Piste du Bongo' and 'Wallaye', showed his love and affection for the African continent.

La Piste du Bongo, by Jano

For L'Écho des Savanes, Jano subsequently continued the heroine 'Gazoline', published originally in Kosmik Komiks in 1983. Also for his magazine, he took on 'Les Fabuleuses Dérives de Santa Sardinha', in 1998.

Retour au village du fils prodige, by Jano

Together with Dodo and Ben Radis, Jano also made the anthropological masterpiece 'Bonjour les Indes', about a trip they made through India. In addition, he illustrated the children's book 'Le Pygmée Géant' by Jean-Luc Fromental in 2000, made a collection of illustrations about the streets of Paris ('Paname') and collected his travel experiences in Brazil in the book 'Les Carnets de Voyage de Jano t. 1: Rio de Janeiro'.

Jano in 1984

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