Box 19008, by Ulf Jansson
Box 19008

Ulf Jansson has cooperated with Magnus Knutson on series like 'Ratte' (Aftonbladet, 1980), 'Snells Express' (Blondie, 1977), 'Martin Udd' (Svenska Serier, 1987), 'Kämpa för Rättvisa' (Carlsen, 1989), 'Kodnamn Falken' (Svenska Serier, 1990), 'Bix' (DN, 1991), 'Sveryda' (Serie-Pressen, 1992), and 'Puddinge Nyheter'. Several stories are in cooperation with and Johan Andreasson.

Rattes Aventyr, by Ulf Jansson
Rattes Aventyr (1981)

Jansson additionally drew the series 'Box 19008' in the magazine Epix in the 1980s. This series told the story of the magazine's editorial staff in a humorous way. Jansson has furthermore contributed to Fantomen ('Tempelruinens Gåta'), DN ('Puddinge Nyheter', 'Tobor'), Blondie, 91:an ('Vår Lilla Stad') and Elixir ('Forcemarkjeure').

Bix, by Ulf Jansson

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