Costa, by Charles Jarry

Charles Jarry, an artist born in Brussels, started out making advertising illustrations. From 1967, he did his first short comic stories for Tintin magazine. For the magazine, he created the character 'Élodie d'Avray', whose adventures were later continued in Le Soir Jeunesse. In the early 1970s, he was also present in Pilote with some actuality pages.

Jarry joined Spirou magazine in 1980, and created the series 'Boy', which was soon retitled to 'Les Baroudeurs sans Frontière'. A series full of social engagement and humanitary topics, it ran in Spirou until 1987 and was then continued under the title 'Costa' at Lombard publishers. He additionally launched his own fanzine, Baroud, specialized in travels and adventure, and did commission albums like 'Futur simple à Garampeira' (Philclub Charleroi) and '100 Carats pour un Arrêt du Coeur' (Avis Rank Xerox). In 1987-1988 the publishing company Brain Factory International released a four-volume comic book series where Franco-Belgian comic authors visualized several songs by singer Jacques Brel in comic strip form. The first volume, 'Le Plat Pays' (1987) featured a contribution by Jarry.

Les Baroudeurs sans Frontière, by Charles Jarry

In 1992, he founded his own publishing house, Synopsis, where he continued 'Costa' until 1993. Using the pseudonym Shannon, he created 'Simon Arkahne - Chasseur de Têtes' for Lombard. In 1997, he took on the signature Vinicius and created the erotic comic 'Julie Brûlante' for J.P.M.

Julie Brûlante, by Vinicius

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