Marc Alban #1 - 'Poursuite dans la Ville' (1979).

Jean-Frédéric Kohler is a Swiss comic artist and editor, also known as Jefko. After drawing the religiously themed adventure comic series 'Marc Alban' (1979-1983), he became the longtime editor of Tournesol, a Christian comic magazine distributed in French-speaking countries.

Early life and career
Kohler developed his skills in drawing and illustration while studying Electrical Engineering and taking courses at the Geneva Bible Institute. His first comics appeared in a couple of Christian magazines for teenagers, and were noted by Claude Gaasch, the editor of Tournesol. Gaasch invited Kohler to work for his magazine, one of the largest French-language comic publications aimed at the Christian youth, published in Valence, France, by LLB, the League for Bible Reading ("Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible").

Marc Alban #1 - 'Poursuite dans la Ville' (1979).

Marc Alban
Based on scripts by Gaasch and Jean-Marie Bloch, Jean-Frédéric Kohler - credited as Jefko - started out drawing two albums of the adventure comic 'Marc Alban'. The first one, 'Poursuite dans la Ville' ("Chase Through Town", 1979) showed the eighteen year old hero at a low point in his life. While working as a car mechanic, he becomes the getaway car driver for a gang of bank robbers. During his hideout for the police, he learns of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and decides to change his life. In the follow-up, 'Menace sur les Maurières' (1983), Marc and his Christian friends restore an old house in Maurières as a place to help drug addicts recover. The books were distributed by LLB to many French-speaking countries, including those in Francophone Africa.

In 1984, Jefko replaced Claude Gaasch as the editor of Tournesol, and fulfilled this job for the next 25 years. He was also involved in the lay-outs and graphic design of the magazine's comic features. After his retirement In December 2009, he was succeeded by Philippe Hochet, one of Tournesol's regular comic creators.

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