Les Aventures de Stany, by Jem (Jean Mortier)

Jean Mortier, who used the pseudonym Jem, was a Belgian art teacher and comic artist. He made 'Pol et Rico' for the weekly magazine Pat, as well as 'Marc Le Résistant' for Fulgor of Éditions Artima (1955-1958). In 1957, he began the pantomime comic 'Les Malheurs de Charlie' (later only 'Charlie') in La Libre Belgique, which ran until 1969.

Les Aventures de Stany, by Jem (Jean Mortier)

For the same paper, he made the police series 'Jean Valfort' from 1959 on. His name also appeared in the magazines Tintin ('Les aventures de Stany' in 1961 and some short stories in 1962) and Spirou (a micro story and advertisement strips), as well as in the Héroic Albums series.

From Heroic Albums, by Jem 1955
Fulgor by Jem

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