Tommy Walls, by Richard Jennings

Richard E. Jennings was born in Hampstead. He attended the Central School of Arts, but broke off his studies due to the outbreak of World War II. After having served with the Air/Sea Rescue in the Middle East, he returned to civil life after the War. He travelled around for a couple of years and eventually settled in London. He did agency art, before he began a collaboration with Eagle comic magazine. He took over the artwork of the advertising comic 'Tommy Walls' in 1950, and created the maritime adventurer 'Storm Nelson' with Guy Morgan between 1953 and 1962.

Other features Jennings worked on during this period are 'Seeing Stars' for Eagle, 'The Fighting Tomahawks' for Junior Mirror, 'The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe' in Swift, 'Tornado Jones' in Wham!, and the advertising strip 'Adventures of the Bovril Brigade'. In the 1960s, Jennings focused on scriptwriting for a while but returned to drawing with 'Island of Fire' for Eagle, 'The Daleks' in TV Century 21 and 'Tornado Jones' for Wham!. Jennings retired to Cornwall where he continued to paint and studied Eastern philosophies.

Tommy Walls, by Richard Jennings

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