Harry Sprint, by Lino Jeva

Lino Jeva was born in Ancona in 1923. He moved to Milan in 1945, where he started to work in the field of comic strips. He drew some episodes of 'Tom Mix' for the publisher Giurleo and made some comic adaptations of literary works like 'Robinson Crusoe', 'Treasure Island' and 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. He produced 'Il Piccolo Cowboy' for publisher Berreta in 1948 (scripts by Giuseppe Fina) and did 'L'Uomo Ombra' and an episode of Tex Willer for Bonelli.

Forza John, by Lino Jeva

He was a productive artist for the publishing house Universo, drawing a great many pages for Il Intrepido between 1951 and 1992. He conceived 'Alan del Ciro' and he took over 'Buffalo Bill' (1955) and 'Forza John!'. For the magazine Il Monello, he created the series 'Jimmy Jet' with Antonio Mancuso in 1964. He also contributed to the collection Albi del Intrepido in cooperation with writers like Grecchi, Mancuso and Corrado Zucca, including 'Ghibli', 'Stray Dog', 'Kelly Killer' and 'Lord Devil'. In the period from the end of the 1960's to the early 1970's, Jeva did artwork for various episodes of series such as 'Diabolik', 'Superman' and 'Tarzan'. He was also present at Mondadori with 'Nembo Kid' in 1964 and at Sagédition with 'Kid Roy', 'Rintintin' and 'Henry Sprint'.

Harry Sprint, by Lino Jeva

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