For better or for worse by Lynn Johnston
'For Better or For Worse', 2014.

Lynn Johnston is a U.S. gag-a-day cartoonist, best known for 'For Better or For Worse'. Among her graphic influences were Charles M. Schulz and Bill Watterson

As a student at the Vancouver School of Art, Lynn Johnston leaned towards commercial illustration. After graduation, she first worked in an animation studio, and then at McMaster University as a medical illustrator. During her first pregnancy however, she created numerous panel cartoons which led to three books: 'David, We're Pregnant!', 'Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!' and 'Do They Ever Grow Up?'.

For better or for worse by Lynn Johnston
'For Better or For Worse', 11 September 1979.

In 1978, Johnston signed a contract with Universal Press Syndicate and her masterwork 'For Better or For Worse' debuted on 9 September 1979. She continued the strip throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s; Universal has been distributing reruns since 2010. Karen Matchette was an assistant on 'For Better or For Worse'. Lynn Johnston was given the society's coveted Reuben for 1986 and its Best Newspaper Comic Strip in 1991. The International Museum of Cartoon Art inducted her into its Hall of Fame in 1997, making Johnston the first woman to be so honored. She lives and works in Ontario.

Lynn Johnston was a strong influence on Barbara Dale and Dana Simpson. Veteran cartoonists Chris Browne and Charles M. Schulz expressed admiration for her work. 

For Better or for Worse, by Lynn Johnston
'For Better or For Worse', 1992.

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