Titus by Henk 't Jong

Henk 't Jong started his career with making drawings for the music magazine Hitweek/Aloha in the period 1968-69. He worked as a freelance illustrator before being employed by the magazine Pep, for which he created the science fiction adventures of 'Titus' with scripts by Lo Hartog van Banda in 1971. For Sjors magazine, he drew two stories of the medieval series 'Rhodekijn en Zijderick'. He created his best known series, 'Willem Peper', together with writer Adrie van Middelkoop for the comics weekly Eppo in 1976.

door Henk 't Jong
Rhodekijn en Zijderick

He drew this adventure comic until 1982, when he lost his interest in comics. In the 1980s, he became a heraldic artist, which includes designing coats of arms, while he was also working for city's archives of Dordrecht. He was an advisor and coordinator Middle Ages with the archaeological theme park Archeon. He eventually founded the historical consultancy 't Scapreel in 1996.

Willem Peper by Henk 't Jong
Willem Peper


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