Hirnu, by Joonas

Veikko Savolainen, who signs with Joonas, has been active in the field of comics since the late 1940s, when he produced 'Heikki ja Esa' in Karjala and 'Ruutinyrkki' in Veikkaaja. In the 1950s, he was present in the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat with 'Joonas' (1950-58) and 'Toope' (1955). 'Joonas' was later continued in Seura ja Kotiposti and ran until 1972. He subsequently cooperated with Pellervo ('Unto Uneksija', 1966-), Aja ('Kaista', 1966-69), Poni ('Hirnu', 1972-), Iltasanomat ('Oloneuvos', 1986) and Lääkärin Paikka ('V. Vaivainen', 1989-91). His comic series 'Leo ja Kaverit' ran from 1975 to 1991. Albums with his work are published since the 1980s, such as 'Joonas' collections, 'Sirkus Napoleon', 'Hypnoosimurha' and 'Unto Uneksija'.

Joonas (Veikko Savolainen)

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