Jeff Hawke, by Sydney Jordan

Scottisch artist Sydney Jordan, initially drawn towards a career in flying, studied at the Miles Aircraft Technical College in Reading. Unable to find a job, he joined a small artists' studio in Dundee, his place of birth. He assisted Len Fullerton on his comic 'Dora, Toni and Liz' and came up with a new science-fiction character, Orion. In 1952, he moved to London and started working for the agency Man's World. Here, he came up with 'Dick Hercules', and submitted his Orion character to the Daily Express, who advised him to make his hero an RAF pilot: Jeff Hawke was born.

Jeff Hawke, by Sydney Jordan

After the first few aircraft episodes, 'Jeff Hawke' took off into space and became a popular feature of the Daily Express. Sydney Jordan and his friend Willy Patterson, who wrote the scenarios, devoted themselves to this series, which appeared until 1974 and was translated and published in countries all over Europe.

Jeff Hawke, by Sydney Jordan

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