Jean Lynx by Francis Josse
Jean Lynx - Terreur au Cirque (Le Samedi, 1951)

Francis Josse began his career in 1940 by doing cover illustrations for Fillette. He made his comics debut in the following two years, drawing 'Bertrand le Preux' in Les Grandes Aventures and 'Nous les Gosses' in Gavroche.

Marc Le Téméraire by Francis Josse
Marc Le Téméraire

In 1943, he made the pro-Nazi espionage strip 'Marc le Téméraire' for the collaborating magazine Le Téméraire. Ironically, after the liberation, he made 'Mandrin' for Vaillant, a magazine published illegally during the War.

Jean Lynx by Monchas
Jean Lynx - Le Bungalow Maudit (Le Samedi, 1951)

He was present in Paris-Jeunes with 'Titi' (1946) and in Donald with 'Réseau Mystère' (1948). For the publishing house Ray Flo, he assumed the pseudonym Monchas and made series like 'Jean Lynx' (later continued as 'Flèche d'Or') and 'Les 2 Risque-Tout'.

Les Trois Mousquetaires by Francis Josse
header for Les Trois Mousquetaires (Le Samedi, 1950-51)

One of the most prolific artists the Opera Mundi agency in the 1950s, he did a large amount of comic adaptations of novels, including 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' (730 strips), 'La Dame de Montsoreau', 'Anna Karénine' and 'Le Bossu' (1001 strips), mostly published in France-Soir, L'Aurore, Le Parisien Libéré and the regional press. Under the pen name Francey, he was present in Line (1958), J2 Magazine (1965) and in the Lancelot pocket book (1961).

Le Bossu by Francis Josse
Le Bossu (L'Aurore, 11-1-1961)

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