Art by Gustave Henri Jossot
Drawing for an issue of L'Assiette au Beurre on drunks (1907)

Gustave-Henri Jossot was a French caricaturist, illustrator, poster designer, writer and Orientalist painter. Born in Dijon, he is best known for his contributions to Parisian magazines, such as L'Assiette au Beurre. His work was also featured in the very first issue of the German satirical magazine Jugend. Jossot regularly mocked the bourgeoisie in books like 'Artistes et Bourgeois' (1896), 'Jockey-Club Sardines' (1897), 'Minces de trognes' (1896) and 'Viande de Bourgeois' (1906). He moved to Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia in 1911 and converted to the Islam two years later, taking the Muslim name Abdul Karim. He subsequently wrote philosophical articles for booklets and papers around Tunisia and France.

Comic page from Jugend by Jossot
Comic page published in the first issue of Jugend (1896)

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