La Vie Privée des Hommes, by Pierre Joubert

Pierre Joubert was one of France's best known boy scout illustrators. He was also famous for his 'Bob Morane' book illustrations and his illustration work for the collection Signe de Piste. Born in Paris, he studied at the School of Applied Arts and went to work in the art studio of L'Illustration in 1927. Although he had previously contributed to scouting magazines, he began a longtime collaboration with the publishing house Scouts de France in 1934. He did illustrations for various scouting magazines and calendars.

His collaboration with publisher Alsantia and the collection Signe de Piste started in 1937. During the 1950s, Joubert did a large amount of illustration work for the collections Marabout Junior and Pocket Marabout for Marabout publishers, including more than 100 'Bob Morane' books. As a comic artist, Joubert had made the album 'Gribouille, Scout' for Éditions de la Flamme in 1935, and two books of 'Pouf' for Scouts de France and La Hutte in 1942 and 1943. During the 1980s, he illustrated several books in the historical collection 'La Vie Privée des Hommes' by Hachette.

cover by Pierre Joubert (1959)

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