Les Manuscrits de Sang, by Alain Julié
Les Manuscrits de Sang

Alain Julié made editorial illustrations for Spirou magazine, before becoming the assistant of Serge Carrère on several 'Léo Loden' albums. His first solo work was a book in the 'Mini Guides' collection of humorous books for Vents d'Ouest with Jean-Paul Tiberi. He then teamed up with Dominique Latil to create the children's series 'Les Manuscrits de Sang' for Soleil between 2000 and 2004. Since 2006 he is the artist of the 'Vélo Maniacs' series, that is written by Jean-Luc Garréra and published by Bamboo publishers.

Les Velo-Maniacs by Alain Julié
Les Vélo Maniacs

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