Drawing for L'Opinion Publique
From: L'Opinion Publique (10 June 1880).

Henri Julien was a 19th-century French-Canadian cartoonist and painter, also known under his pseudonyms Octavo and Crincrin.

Life and career
Octave-Henri Julien was born in 1852 in Quebec City, and also spent parts of his childhood in Toronto and Ottawa. Both his father and his brothers worked in the printing industry, and Henri studied to become an engraver at William Leggo and George-Édouard Desbarats' company. He made his first cartoons for the Desbarats newspaper Canadian Illustrated until 1888, while also drawing for the satirical publications of Hector Berthelot, including Le Canard, Le Vrai Canard, Le Grognard and Le Violon. Apart from caricatures and political cartoons, he also made journalistic drawings of the Canadian West and its Mounted Police, in 1874-1875 printed with articles in the Illustrated and L'Opinion Publique.

Drawing for the Canadian Illustrated (1875).

Julien worked as artistic director for the Montreal Daily Star from 1888, and thus became the first Canadian cartoonist in full-time employment by a newspaper. He continued to makes illustrations of historical events and journalistic pieces, but became best known for his sketches of parliamentarians in action, in which he effectively reproduced their expressions, gestures and movements.

A compilation of his work, 'Album Drolatique du Journal Le Farceur' (1878), can be considered as an ancestor to the modern comic album. Julien additionally made illustrations for the annual L'Almanach du Peuple, and for other Canadian publications like Grip, Dominion Illustrated, Favourite, Jester and Grelot. Abroad, his work has appeared in Harper's Weekly (USA), The Graphic (UK) and Le Monde Illustré and L'Illustration (France). 

Henri Julien passed away in 1908.

The Mayor and the Board of Health
'The Mayor and the Board of Health' (1877).

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