Sho-Chan, by Kabashima Katsuichi

Katsuichi Kabashima was a pioneering Japanese comic artist. He created the children's tale about a boy, a princess and a squirrel, called 'The Adventures of Sho-Chan' ('Shû Chan No Bôken') with writer Oda Nobutsune for Asahigraph from 1923. Sho-Chan and his friends visited strange countries and worlds and encountered the weirdest fantasy creatures, making this poetic series the Japanese equivalent of 'Little Nemo in Slumberland'. The strip ended in 1925 when the artist left the Asahi staff.

Katsuichi was mainly a woodblock illustrator for magazines and newspapers, especially illustrations for novels, such as stories by Unno for Shonen Club, and books by the Kodansha publishing house.

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