Memories, by Rudolf Kahl

Rudolf Kahl was born in a bombed out Hamburg in 1943. In 1960 he went to Rio de Janeiro for a few months, then returned to Germany, where he intended to study art. Instead, he wound up living with his brother in Amsterdam and he attended art school here. After three years, he gave up his study and started working in an advertising agencies. In 1975, Rudolf Kahl left the advertising business to become an illustrator. For the Dutch Military Collector's Service, he wrote and illustrated a series of books about old weapons. After 4 years and 4 books, Kahl turned to comics. He worked for controversial comic publisher Ger van Wulften from Publishing House Espee, where his prize-winning graphic novel 'Herinneringen' ('Memories') about his youth in post-war Germany, appeared.

Memories, by Rudolf Kahl

After the bankruptcy of Espee, Kahl turned to advertising again. In 1994, he discovered the computer as a means of graphic design, and started working for a designing company in Alkmaar. Since then, he has become an accomplished computer designer, and also works occasionally for the famous Dutch jewelry designer, Jos Paperkamp.

Selfportrait, by Rudolf Kahles

Art by Rudolf Kahl

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