Kakhiel is a Dutch internet phenomenon, who has gained a cult status with his corny edits of stock photos, which are often in the comics format. The true identity of the person behind the Kakhiel persona remains a secret. All that is known is that he studied at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam, worked at an advertising agency in Amsterdam, and was in his early twenties when he started posting his photo edits on the hip hop message board HiphopInJeSmoel. The success prompted him to launch a site, and after 2010 his work quickly went viral through social media. By 2017, he reaches over 300,000 people through Facebook, 150,000 through Twitter and nearly 400,000 through Instagram. The artist could even quit his dayjob and became Kakhiel fulltime. His only public appearances are in a spacesuit.

Kakhiel picks free stock photos from the internet - often overacted happy family shots or pictures with elderly people - and adds balloons with bizarre, corny or coarse dialogue and wordplay. These are presented in single panels, but also regularly in sequential images, in some occasions with the same image used over and over again. The intended shitty lay-out of the balloons and the texts with little to no punctuation and casual spacing all add to the hilarity of the gimmick.

-Do you have monsters underneath your bed every now and then?
-No, but I do next to my bed.

Kakhiel puns like "oke doei" ("okay bye") and "haha doei" ("haha bye") have become well-known internet catch phrases and are for sale on T-shirts and other merchandising. Kakhiel's photo edits eventually also found their way to print media, with a regular photo comic in Playboy magazine (2012) and book collections at the publishing house Lebowski ('Doei' in 2013, and 'Dat wordt lachen...' in 2014). In 2015 he launched a web series through 3LAB called 'Vriende', about a guy called Patrick who tries to make a sitcom for his terminally ill mother. He also produced the videoclip for the song 'Stem' (2015) by Marco Borsato and Gers Pardoel. The absurdity of Kakhiel's humor can be traced back to Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen, and cartoonists like Kamagurka, Gummbah and especially Jeroom. Together with Ype Driessen he is one of the few authors of photo comics in The Netherlands. The Comics Museum Groningen held an exhibition of his work in 2017.

The elderly couple Evert and Evelien are regular characters in Kakhiel's photo comics.


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