'Maniátes Peiratés'.

Kyriakos D. Kassis is a Greek artist and writer, active in several artistic disciplines. As a writer, he has released works of poetry, essays and studies about Greek history and pop culture. One of his home country's foremost comics researchers, he is the author of the first study on Greek comics, published in 1998. He has also worked as a painter, cartoonist and comic author, creating 'Pirates of Mani' for Skathári magazine in the 1980s.

Early life and education
Born in 1946 on the Mani Peninsula, Kyriakos Kassis (Κυριάκος Κάσσης) was raised in the Laconia region of The Peloponnese. At age twelve, he went to Athens to continue his education. From 1964 on, he studied at the Legal Faculty of the University of Athens, and later attended the Stavrakou Faculty for Film Making, studying Scriptwork and Directing and specializing in the art of Greek animaton (1971-1973). Between 1970 and 1973, he was one of the editors of the 'Historical Dictionary of the Academy of Athens'. Later that decade, he took part in seminars about the preservation of frescos and murals in Paris, France, and was part of several maintenance projects in this field.

'Greek Para-Literature and Comics, 1598-1998'.

(Historical) writer
Since 1968, Kassis has produced several poetry collections and theatrical plays. After the fall of the military junta in 1974, he was a film critic under the pen name D. Picasis. Since 1982, he is also the author of a great many studies, regarding the ancient and modern history of Greece, as well as the country's folklore and pop culture. Many of his studies and essays focus on the culture, history and language of the Mani region, including works about local sculptures, funeral songs, satires and legends. Another specialization is pop culture, most notably comics, about which he released the book 'Ellinikí Paralogotechnía kai Kómiks, 1598-1998' ('Ελληνική Παραλογοτεχνία και Κόμικς, 1598-1998', meaning 'Greek Para-Literature and Comics, 1598-1998'). It was the first document cataloging Greek comics, and established him as an authority on the subject.

Graphic artist
As a graphic artist, Kassis has made paintings and cartoons. In the 1973-1974 period, he was a cartoonist for the Aronis-Efthymiadis advertising company. During the 1980s, he made his own comic feature called 'Maniátes Peiratés' ('Μανιάτες Πειρατές', meaning 'Pirates of Mani') for Skathári (Beetle) magazine. It was a naval history, set in his home region Mani.

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