Kid Colt, by Jack Keller (issue 114)

Jack Keller was active in the comics field from 1941 to 1973. He is best known for his work on 'Kid Colt Outlaw' at Atlas/Marvel and several hot rod titles at Charlton. A self-taught artist, Keller wrote and drew a comic called 'The Whistler', that appeared in 'War Stories' at Dell Comics. He then joined Quality Comics, where he worked on titles like 'Busy Arnold', 'Blackhawk' and 'Spin Shaw'. Throughout the 1940s, Keller also had stints at Fawcett ('Johnny Blair'), Fiction House ('Clipper Kirk', 'Flint Baker', 'Suicide Smith'), Hillman ('Boy King', various crime comics) and in comic books like 'Crime Does Not Pay' and 'Crime and Punishment'.

Kid Colt, by Jack Keller

In the 1950s, he joined Stan Lee's Timely Comics. There, he began doing western, horror and romance titles, as well as several of Timely's crime titles. In 1951, he became the main artist of Stan Lee's new 'Kid Colt' comic. In 1959, he also joined Charlton, where he worked on race comic titles like 'Hot Rod Racers', 'Hot Rods and Racing Cars', 'Drag 'n' Wheels' and 'World of Wheels'. Keller left Marvel in 1967 and focused on his Charlton work until his retirement in 1973.

Hot Wheels, by Jack Keller

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