Very Posy, by Lee Kennedy (1997)

Lee Kennedy is a British comic artist. She has been a cartoonist since she could hold a crayon. Although she has spent her adult life making ends meet with various dead-end jobs, since the late 1980s, early 1990s she has become known as one of Britain's most interesting alternative cartoonists. American-born and UK-based, she recently branched out into straight illustration work and visionary art. As a life-long fat person, Lee is fascinated by the variety of the human body, and is currently exploring the sensuality and eroticism of "obesity". Her work has appeared in countless alternative comics, many anthologies, and her self-published series 'Wage Slave', 'Little Girl Blues' and 'Inner City Pagan'. She has illustrated several paperbacks, including 'Being Fat is Not a Sin', 'Nudes, Prudes and Attitudes', and 'Getting Back on Top'.

Inner City Pagan, by Lee Kennedy

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