Cat Claw, by Bane Kerac

Branislav Kerac was born in Novi Sad on 7 September 1952. He kept his notebooks from the age of four, filled with his first scribbles. Together with his friend Toza Obradovic, he taught himself how to draw comics by imitating comic heroes such as Kit Carson, Cansas Kid and Roy Rank. The appearance in Yugoslavia of the magazine Zenit and the premiere of Romita's 'Daredevil' made a decisive influence on him. At that time (1967-68), Bane had already started to draw seriously, with ink, in frames, with sound effects, and "real" scripts. Kerac started an education in dentistry, which he eventually abandoned, saying that it was better to become an average artist than a bad dentist.

from Spunk, by Bane Kerac (1980)

In 1975, Bane and Toza created their first "serious" comic, 'Lieutenant Tara' and offered it to the publishing firm Dnevnik. Their next project was 'Kobra', about a stuntman. Throughout the 1980s, Kerac was a versatile artist of the Yugoslav 'Tarzan' production at Marketprint. Kerac's career became even more serious when Ervin Rustemagic took over the distribution of Bane's authorized comics.

Tarzan by Bane Kerac

With Ervin's firm Strip Art Features, 'Cat Claw' conquered Scandinavian countries, and appeared in ten more countries all over the world. The L.A. publishing firm Malibu had published just nine 'Cat Claw' titles when the war situation in 1991 stopped the successful campaign in America. However, since then Bane Kerac has reached the status of a recognized comic author. He was also a drummer for the heavy metal band GeroMetal.

Kobra, by Bane Kerac

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