Peter the Cat by Tom Kerr
Peter the Cat

Tom Kerr began his career in the late 1940s, drawing 'Little Lew' for Pets' Playtime Comic published by Philmar. Then in the 1950s he drew 'Fay' in the Weekend Mail Comic and 'Monty Carstairs' in Mickey Mouse Weekly. He also drew for girls comics such as Marilyn ('Mum', 'Wham! My Man!'), School Friend, Girls' Crystal and June.

He was present in Buster from the early 1960s with his own comic 'Kip Kerrigan', but also with fill-ins on 'Kelly's Eye', 'Captain Hurricane', 'The Steel Claw', 'Charlie Peace', 'Kraken' and 'Black Axe'. Longer running serials were 'Life with Uncle Lionel' (1963-65) and 'Mary Jo' (1964-67) for Princess. Among the other comics he drew were 'Boy Bandit' in Jag Comic (later Tiger) in 1968-1969, 'Tara King/Avengers' in TV Comic (1968) and 'Oddball Oates' in Lion (1969-70). He also worked for comics such as Thunder, the Eagle, Knockout, Valiant, TV21, Lady Penelope, Solo and Jet.

In the 1960s and 1970s he also drew for many annuals including the Monkees Annuals and Look-In Annuals. In 1970 he drew the first ever 'Adam Eterno' strip in Thunder, as well as 'Peter the Cat' in Score 'n' Roar and 'Billy's Boots' in Scorcher. Other work from the 1970s was 'Crowther in Trouble' in Look-In, 'Phil the Fluter' in Lion and 'Orphan Alone' in June, as well as the 'Clarks Commandos' advertising strip. His final comics work was for D.C. Thomson's nursery comics Twinkle and Little Star.

Oddball Oates by Tom Kerr
Oddball Oates

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