Put On, by Kho Wang Gie

Kho Wang Gie, who was from Djakarta, was the first oriental artist from the Dutch Indies (nowadays Indonesia) to make a comic strip. His creation 'Put On', about a Chinese middle-class man, first appeared in the newspaper Sin Po on 17 January 1931, and was continued for thirty years. Its style was inspired by George McManus' 'Bringing Up Father'. Soon after Kho Wang Gie's first attempt, other artists emerged in the field, such as Abdulsalam and Nasrun As.

Also using pen names like Sopoiku and Soponyono, he has also made comics like 'Si Pengky' in Ria Film magazine for years. Among his other creations are 'Nona A Go Go', 'Si Lemot' and 'Agen Rahasia Bolong Jilu'.

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