That Kind of Girl by Molly Kiely
That Kind of Girl

Molly Kiely is the creator of such comic titles as 'Diary of a Dominatrix' (1994/95), 'Saucy Little Tart' (1995-1997), 'Tecopa Jane' (2000) and 'That Kind of Girl' (1999). She also draws pin-ups, which are collected in the book 'On Your Knees Boy' (2001).

Molly was born near Toronto, Canada in 1969 and moved to San Francisco upon graduation from the University of Waterloo. She currently divides her time between Palo Alto, California and Arizona, where she is building a straw bale home in the mountains near Tucson. When she is not drawing, she is exploring the deserts of the South Western U.S.A. and Northern Mexico.

Diary of a Dominatrix #2, by Molly Kiely

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