Fix und Fax, by Jürgen Kieser

Jürgen Kieser was born in Erkner, in the eastern part of Germany, in 1921. After serving in the Lufwaffe during World War II, he got a job as a press artist at the Verlag Junge Welt. Kieser then worked as an advertising artist, caricaturist and comic artist, working for children's magazines such as Schulpost, Atze, Frösi, Trommel and Unser Robinson, but also for Wochenpost and Freie Welt.

Atze, by Jürgen Kieser

His most famous creation is the two mice 'Fix und Fax', whose adventures he drew for Atze between 1958 and 1987. He also drew stories about the title figure of magazine Atze, for which he drew several covers as well. Other titles by Jürgen Kieser are 'Quambo', 'Mausefips' and 'Olaf'.

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