Gedatsu Man, by Hironori Kikuchi

Hironori Kikuchi made his debut with the comic story 'Fruits' in the magazine Garo in 1995. Although the editorial staff was confused by the lack of story line the comic presented, it was intrigued by its scenery and the expressions of the characters. The crazy, dangerous atmosphere of Kikuchi's work was in sharp contrast to his skillfully drawn backgrounds and characters, which at cursory glance seem cute. This hallucinatory quality of the strip made one of the editors call it "a drug you read". In 1998, Garo published the series 'Gedatsu Man' - an absolutely nonsensical comic that makes you fear for its creator's sanity. Kikuchi, however, is a very normal, proper and sincere person, and a great fan of '70s and '80s hard rock. 'Gedatsu Man' has been translated in English and published in the underground collection 'Secret Comics Japan'.

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